Why would I become a DBA?

4 Aug

Well it has been quite a while since my last post. So, I decided to post something less technical here.. :p
This post is about a fundamental question regarding my job.

“Why would I become a DBA?”

First of all, what is a DBA? yup it stands for Database Administrator. For most of the people who hear the job title for the first time, they might think “Oh, the one who entry the data in database lor” or “Ohh.. the one who just create a database and table and so on right?” Well, if that is what you think about what a DBA does, then you get it 99% wrong..

According to wikipedia, DBA is someone who use specialised software to store and organize data. The responsibility may include the need to do capacity planning, installation, configuration, database design, migration, performance monitoring, security, troubleshooting, as well as backup and data recovery. Basically DBA is someone who responsible for the performance, integrity and security of a database. for me, a DBA is more like a doctor for database

so what do I like most from my job?

  • Dynamic working environment

as a DBA, we faced different issue/problem daily. It is challenging and require a steep learning curve. But it is interesting. can you imagine if you come to work and do the same thing  everyday? DBA definitely is not that kind of job. Of course the main goal is to aim for zero issue, but that also require a continuous maintenance and many preventive action which by itself is quite interesting :)

  • Working with the unknown

DBA is someone who maintain the database using some set of RDBMS software. The RDBMS software itself is very complex software. Learning about the database is equally like understanding a patient condition. the symptoms might look the same, but it require a deeper analysis to decide what is wrong and give the correct cure. Sometimes, we need to play with the unknown. When facing this kind of situation, all we can do is conducting more and more research and pray :p it is quite interesting that the more we play with the unknown, the more we understand the database.

  • The excitement of recovering some critical system

We should admit this, every time after recovering some critical situation, we feel so excited! There are moments when everyone looking at us with a big hope in their eyes to save their corrupted data. It definitely will make us tense, but once we successfully recover it, we get that eureka moment :) of course, there are sad times when after all what we had tried,  it still fail. But we did our best, didn’t we? :)

  • It teach us to be always calm in a critical situation

Imagine that you are in charge for a publicly used database (i.e internet banking database) and the database suddenly down. Panicking won’t help in that kind of situation. Being a DBA teach us to be always cool in all situations.

This year marks the 6th year of my DBA life. This is nothing compare with other senior DBA, but I really enjoy my experience so far.  but of course, I am looking forward to explore other field as well. :)


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